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Do You Think Like a Winner?

Having a winning mindset is the most powerful tool in achieving success!

Often you see and hear sport coaches and athletes talk publically – and proudly – about the need to develop a winning mindset; the need to have a “positive mental attitude.” It has always surprised me that outside of sports this way of thinking – and its importance – is not understood and often quickly dismissed. Declaring the importance of having a winning mindset in the office can get you dismissed as soft. Everyone is so busy trying to get things done that they reject anything that sounds idealistic. But… Here is the truth, battles are won and lost in people’s minds long before they are fought! I can think of one team of content creators who have talked themselves into defeat. They think they are being beaten and it is that mindset alone that is causing them to misstep.

A winning mindset gives you an edge over your competitors.

But… what is a winning mindset?

A winning mindset is simply “an attitude of mind”. It is the belief that you can increase achievement through an optimistic thought process. With the right attitude of mind you will compete at your full potential. Everything we do in life is ruled by the choices we make; having a winning mindset is about focusing on the positive and not the negative; it is about focusing on the behaviors, emotions and actions that you can influence. Just as importantly, it is about letting go of the things that you can’t influence and control. It is this optimistic focus that makes winners different.

Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

You can spot someone with a winning mindset by how they behave and carry themselves. As you read the description of a winner below, do you see yourself?


  • believe in positive thoughts… they are optimistic
  • are driven….. ambitious…. self motivated
  • take responsibility… are in control of their destiny & don’t blame external factors
  • want to learn… they know they don’t know enough
  • are humble
  • are decisive… they don’t doubt themselves… they’re certain
  • set goals… they are focused
  • work hard… they are disciplined
  • are solutions-focused
  • .. to others and think before they speak
  • are passionate
  • will stand alone… they don’t require acceptance from others
  • have amazing will power… in control of both their mind and body
  • push themselves outside their comfort zone… constantly
  • are persistent… they keep pushing… never giving up
  • aren’t afraid of failure
  • have confidence… they never compare themselves to others
  • make personal development a priority

Every trait on our winner’s list is a choice.

So, will you make the choice to adopt a winning mindset? Will you focus on demonstrating these winning traits? You don’t have to master them all straight away; just committing to developing yourself in these areas puts you on the path to winning.

You also have the choice to dismiss these thoughts, and do nothing. Change nothing about you. After all, losers neglect personal development.

For those who want to think and act differently in the pursuit of success… Well, we’ll see you on the winner’s podium soon.

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