The DNA of a Winning Team

We are in business to win. Winning is the only desirable outcome. The secret to winning, and to the continuation of winning, is to build the best team. It is essential to form a cohesive group of individuals all working to achieve the same goal. Having a bullet proof strategy and precision execution are essential […]

The Curse of Mediocre Performance

Mediocre performance is a virus. Once an individual becomes infected it spreads quickly and with vigour into their psyche.   If an individual becomes infected mediocrity can start to spread to others and before long it’s bringing everyone down, crippling your team’s chances of peak performance. Most teams are mediocre. They just aren’t that good. They […]

Coach, Don’t Command

“I don’t have time to teach them, I just need it fixed.” Those were the words that fell out of a manager’s mouth while we were discussing the performance of an individual on their team. Actually there was an expletive or two used but I have omitted those. Who hasn’t felt like that before? I […]

Being an Empathetic Coach

Coaching is an essential skill for any manager. It is also a weighty responsibility for anyone to carry. No two people are the same and therefore no approach to coaching can be the same. This is where coaching often becomes challenging for the majority of leaders. As managers we are comfortable with process and procedures; […]

The 3-2-1 Guide to Giving Feedback

How you deliver feedback is just as important as the feedback you are providing. Giving feedback to another person is never easy. It can be difficult for you, as the manager, to deliver and it can be uncomfortable for the person receiving your feedback. When offering someone feedback it is common to focus on the […]