UNCUT: Q&A with AllAccess.com

Recently I got to spend some time chatting to All Access about Radio, Talent Development and life in Radio. Here is the full unedited version of our conversation… Please give us a brief career synopsis… It’s been a while since I have been asked to remember my career. I’ve just done the math on my […]

Why Good Isn’t Good Enough

Are you easily frustrated when you see others not reaching their potential? Does it make you a little angry when you see others set the bar too low? It makes me a little angry, I’m not afraid to admit that. How will you achieve what you truly desire if you don’t really go for it? […]

10 Questions With… (From AllAccess.com)

I got to chat with the team from All Access about Talent Development and life in Radio… 1) How would you describe your first radio gig? I worked for a station called FM107 The Falcon (it doesn’t exist anymore). I started writing the news, then reading the news and quickly got moved to weekend hosting; […]

Coaching, let’s keep it quick

Quickly fix the problem yourself or invest in developing the skills and knowledge of your team? It’s hard – as a manager – to resist the urge to ‘just fix it already.’ However, coaching has a remarkably positive impact on both performance and culture. Coaching is about unlocking the potential that lies within someone. It’s […]

Trust: A Coaching Essential

Coaching is a relational process. The fundamental principle of effective coaching is to collaborate with someone – or a team – to help them ‘see’ their present in order for them to better shape their future. As a coach you must establish a relationship of trust and intimacy with those you’re coaching. A coachee needs […]

Talent Tip: Reset The Scene

There’s a trap that many on air performers fall into. It doesn’t seem to matter about experience or market size, we hear this misstep on the air all the time. Once we point it out to the jocks they immediately bring their palm to their forehead as if to say, “of course! I knew that!” […]

Your Title Doesn’t Make You A Coach

The label coach is thrown around a lot in business. Managers seem quick to describe themselves as a coach just because they are responsible for overseeing a team. It is not uncommon for managers to see themselves as a good coach just because they get results and are liked by those they are responsible for. This desire to be seen as […]

Dealing with Difficult Personalities!

Great talent is the engine that propels our business forward. Talent who can see the opportunities the rest of us are blind to are essential for any company’s future growth. They help our brands establish a meaningful place in the minds and hearts of our consumers. They differentiate us. Through challenging the status quo, they […]