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Passionate about unlocking creativity, realizing potential and improving performance.


Paul Kaye draws on his combination of real-world leadership experience and coaching expertise to support the development of leaders and teams.

Paul has over 15 years of leadership & talent development experience that he utilizes with his clients.  He has a rich background in performance coaching, team development, strategic planning and brand building. Around the boardroom table he is respected for his candor, clarity and unconventional perspective. In his coaching Paul is appreciated for his authentic contemporary approach, sincere interest and solutions orientation.

Originally from England, Paul spent a decade in the UK leading successful media teams and was announced as one of the industry’s 30 Under 30. In 2012 Paul relocated to Canada and joined Newcap Radio leading business strategy, operations and team development in Calgary and Vancouver. During this time he was also a key part of the corporate team as the National Talent Development Director responsible for improving performance across all product teams and leading talent acquisition from coast to coast.

In 2016, Paul joined Rogers where he is Vice President, Product and Talent Development tasked with supporting radio and digital teams to improve and innovate products nationwide in addition to leading the divisions talent strategy and development plans.

Paul is a certified coach who has worked with individuals and teams on a variety of consultancy and coaching projects. He has coached leaders on their personal and professional development, worked with organizations to enhance creativity and advised business leaders on strategy across a variety of industries.


Paul offers executive coaching & consulting to individuals and organizations who want to maximize their potential and improve performance. Paul’s fueled by a passion to help you identify growth areas, overcome obstacles and achieve more.

Paul prides himself on coaching his partners to new levels of leadership potential, developing skills and increased personal awareness that is lasting and sustainable. Paul helps leaders and teams at all levels develop the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex world.

 Both online (video conferencing) and in-person coaching & consulting is available.  Available to work on short term projects and longer term engagements.  Paul believes in a personalized approach tailored for your specific needs.

It’s been a privilege to have coached and consulted executives, leaders and teams in the United Kingdom, Canada, the Middle East and America.  Our work has been across many different industries.

“Paul is passionate about helping leaders lead and teams succeed!”


Change is inevitable, actually the winds of change have never been blowing so strongly in business.  To navigate change and to be ready when it undoubtedly arrives, leaders need to be stronger and more agile than ever before. Paul offers essential support to leaders who are responsible for making the right decisions and achieving the best outcomes.

Paul’s coaching helps in many areas; we help you become an effective leader.  Improve your self-confidence. Enhance productivity. Improve feedback and communication. Lead you to more empowered decision making.  And much more.

They say it’s lonely at the top, with Paul on your side, to support you in the pursuit of your goals and aspirations, it doesn’t have to be. Executive Coaching provides the critical bridge that helps to span the gap between fine and great.

“The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as other people see them, and a coach really, really helps.”  – Eric Schmidt (Chairman, Alphabet / Google)

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